Trouble at Basinpeak, Part 2

It’s been a while since the last update, but we officially have put part 2 (session 2) up on our channel. This was so much fun!

Back to our story…

Where we last left our heroes, they had defeated the Owlbear in the cave, made peace with the Bugbears, and saved Basinpeak! Well, they thought they had, anyway. As mentioned in the previous post, which can be found here, behind the scenes there has been this giant named Zorvik.

As a GM, I was thrilled when my players wanted to explore what happened at Basinpeak after they ‘saved’ it. They were genuinely interested to see where their characters would wind up. This posed a challenge for me, however. I hadn’t thought that we would be playing beyond the Owlbear encounter and didn’t really flesh out the town or Zorvik beyond what was necessary for the first session. How was I going to turn this simple premise into something interesting for my players?

What a wonderful problem to have! Often times I think that we, as GMs, are faced with the opposite problem: How can I get my players interested in this intricate plot line I’ve developed? Now, I get to develop a cool plot for my players to discover! Thankfully, I’d already set the stage for this quite nicely.

As mentioned before, the Owlbear belonged to Zorvik, and this was obviously going to play in my favor. The players killed the Owlbear, and disbanded the giant’s Bugbear slaves; Zorvik had PLENTY of reason to want to destroy the player characters. What I really needed was a way to gracefully extend the session out, so that it incorporated elements that weren’t just combat with the giant. That said, that was the obvious next step in the story arc.

Some of this, some of that…

A cool bugbear shaman. Found it over here

This is where I took queues from the last session, and tried to read what the players my want or expect to see. Quite a bit of fanfare had been made over the fact that one of the characters, Jermy, was consumed with the idea that anything bad that happens is likely the result of some sort of were-monster. Jermy of course had good reason to think this, as it was an essential aspect of his character’s backstory; were-sows are a strange creature. But then I ran into a problem. The player that ran Jermy was not going to be able to make it. This turned out to be a really fun addition to the plot…

Rocks fell, and Jermy died

No really, they did…and he did. Respectively.

I killed Jermy off, but his soul became trapped inside a magical weapon the characters had found…

If you are interested in seeing how this session truly ends, check it out here!

And part 2:

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